Engineering Division

Engineering Division


Engineering Division. Much more than just a partner.

Every day, Mirage's Engineering Division commits itself to supporting and advising you in designing and creating reliable systems and solutions. The division's team of experts and professionals assist designers, contractors and architects by offering a prompt, specialised service. Having provided more than 20 years of technical and operational service, the Engineering Division is a dependable partner throughout all design phases.

Support and experience at your service, always.

Mirage's Engineering Division guides building professionals and construction businesses through all project phases. This means that you can rely on a technical department that is structured to provide 360° information and advice - from design to planning and installation.


Custom Projects

Mirage and personalised designs. Ideas that take shape.
Mirage meets the demands of architects and design teams through customised designs that can be fine tuned.


This highly practical solution not only makes porcelain stoneware slabs quick to install; it also allows you to walk on the floor straight away as no glues or sealants are used.

Raised floors; intelligent space.

This flooring system is made up of practical modular elements and is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor installations requiring underfloor space.

Ventilated façades. External coverings for buildings.

This system meets the demands of new architectural concepts, carefully enhancing the aesthetic effects of buildings while, at the same time, keeping energy consumption low.