Custom Facade

Custom Facade

The aim of the “Custom Facade” project is to provide an innovative tool for the design engineer, allowing for total creative freedom to customise architectural works, perfectly compatible with the quality regularly guaranteed by the use of Mirage porcelain stoneware.

Custom Facades: the freedom to personalise


The possibility to customise ventilated and glued facades is not limited to individual pieces, and composite graphics can be created, fragmentingthe original creative concept over a large surface and then putting it back together by studying the laying pattern of the individual slabs on the executive plan of the building.

This customisation of the slabs makes it possible to add a distinctive, original touch to buildings used for any purpose: shops and offices, public places and hotels, as well as for residential applications.

It is possible to develop the graphics designed using a wide range of techniques, such as coloured screen printing, the application of layers of glazes, matt or glossy glasses, all of which are able to give the slabs a material component able to ensure the colour and aesthetic elements last over the years.