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PTS is the profession system for indoor raised flooring Made in Mirage. This highly practical solution not only makes porcelain stoneware slabs quick to install; it also allows you to walk on the floor straight away as no glues or sealants are used.

How are dry covering systems made?

PSP is a modular, dry, self-supporting covering system for indoor spaces.
The system comprises a porcelain stoneware strip applied to a special rubber support with the same surface and bevelled PVC edge joined to the strip (available in 0.8 or 1.2mm thickness).
The lower support is made from a layer of high density expanded polyethylene that provides a high specific gravity (2000kg/m3) and guarantees a high level of acoustic insulation as well as a significant grip effect on the support surface.

The PSP system is available in all Mirage collections, allowing you to create surfaces with the entire company range in 5 formats: 60×120, 90×90, 30×120, 45×90, 60×60, 30×60 and 45×45 cm. PSP does not require the use of glue or filler and is able to absorb very slight deformities of the screed underneath the pre-existing floor.
This system greatly reduces installation times with significant reductions in labour costs in comparison with traditional systems.

PSP can be walked on immediately and every part can be dismantled and refitted individually without the need to intervene on the adjoining strips. PSP is non-toxic, odourless and resistant to temperatures of -30° to 120°.

Colors and features

Why choose them? The benefits of the PSP system


  • Can be walked on immediately: does not require the use of glues or fillers.
  • Practical: no need to demolish the floor beneath.
  • Easy and quick to install: allows considerable reductions in labour costs.
  • Soundproof: creates a living comfort.
  • Reusable: all parts can be repositioned in different rooms to those in which they were originally installed.
  • Easy to remove: does not damage the floor beneath.
  • Eclectic: is available in all collections, finishings and Mirage surfaces.

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