designed by StudioJob

PoPJob Project & Technologies

The “twin-surface” technique consists of coupling a pre-vitrified layer of high-density technical porcelain to a thick layer of crystalline glass, while keeping the pigmented and decorated layer on the inside. The different layers making up the PoPJob tiles are clearly visible when the piece is cut crosswise. The result is a highly glossy product with an intense pigmentation that enhaces the chromatic saturation effect.

The PoPJob project is versatile and functional, and has been designed according to a product logic that takes into account the material’s end use. It is a game of elements that combine and interchange with each other to create ceramic floors, walls and coverings with a unique style. The collection goes perfectly with various types of different and modern styles: from Nordic to elegant, from contemporary to neoclassical. POPJOB decorates the home with its modern look and colours, creating a comfortable and stylish atmosphere where nothing is left to chance.