Mirage has been committed for years now to reducing environmental impact and making its products safer. This is not enough, however, and safeguarding the planet and its people requires an effort from all of us. It’s in our daily actions, both as individuals and as businesses, that each of us can adopt a responsible approach to our own health and the health of the environment. WE’RE READY... ARE YOU?


Carbon Footprint reduction and effective methods to obtain it.


Research and development for increasingly safe, sustainable products.


Respect both for people and the working environment.


Honesty and transparency towards customers and stakeholders.


As production increases, environmental impact decreases.

To continue to limit the impact of our production process, every year Mirage® reduces the amount of waste, thanks to increasingly virtuous production systems and continual investments in technological


Electricity consumption covered
thanks to the cogeneration plant.

10 | 2019
Inauguration of a second cogeneration plant
- 1.648
Tonnes of waste
in the last two years.

Reduction of waste in the last two years.

Reduction of water consumption in the last three years.


Re-use of waste water in the production cycle.


Water consumption:
water under the bridge.
And recycled.

Water is a necessary resource for the production of ceramics, but it is also a primary asset that must be managed responsibly. This is why we use less and less and recycle more and more.



Of exclusively recycled paper
thus contributing to saving
a forest of 4000 trees every year.


Of recycled plastic:
this is what we use for our packaging,
with benefits comparable to the removal
of about 350 cars from the roads.

Only FSC

Our packaging:
only wood from FSC certified,
responsibly managed forests.


Recycling every time,
starting in-house.

We recover 98% of raw waste and recycle it in the production process. But this is not enough.

Raw materials are the first step towards responsible production.

The raw materials used by Mirage® come from certified quarries and sources, in which materials are extracted in compliance with environmental regulations and always far from polluted or dangerous areas.

Increase in the use of raw waste recycled in the production process in the last three years
Average percentage of recycled material in a Mirage® tile.
Raw waste and recycle it in the production process.


Mirage Surfaces.
Health and safety, with no

Choosing Mirage® products doesn’t just mean choosing the
outstanding beauty and style of the finest Italian ceramics, able to respond to architecture and interior design trends. It also means
choosing safe, healthy products, free from dangerous and polluting substances. Because healthy products create healthy environments.

What you’ll never find in a Mirage tile.

Mirage® porcelain stoneware is by nature an inhospitable environment for the growth and spread of bacteria, mould, fungi and any type of allergens. What’s more, Mirage surfaces are free from the dangerous substances sometimes present on ceramic products of lower quality or made with alternative materials.


Radon (Rn) is a radioactive noble gas released by natural stone. It is very heavy and dangerous to human health. One of the main risk factors of radon is linked to the fact that it tends to build up in homes once released.

Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC (such as hydrocarbons, benzene, acetone) are organic compounds sometimes used in varnishes, colourants and synthetic industrial compounds in low-end products. They are particularly dangerous to the respiratory and nervous systems.


Formaldehyde (CH2O) is a substance contained in resins used for the production of plastic laminates, adhesives and insulating foam. It can irritate the mucosae and the eyes, and interferes with the bonds between DNA and proteins, which can ultimately cause cancer.


Lead (Pb) is a natural metal often used in colourants for furnishings. It is a poisonous neurotoxin that tends to build up in the body, especially in the bones and blood of children, causing irreparable damage to the brain and the central nervous system.

Zirconium silicate

Zirconium silicate is a mineral extract used in industry for surface finishes and varnishes. Although it is very dangerous for the respiratory system, and above all for the nervous system, it continues to be widely used in some sectors (including the ceramics industry).


Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) is a phthalate that in Europe is listed as a substance of extreme concern. It can cause endocrine decompensation, sterility and cancer.