Endless possibilities / XGONE

The colour palette was specifically chosen to allow unlimited colour pairing in order to stimulate the customization of any composition. Each shade is available in three different modules likely to be mixed and matched in countless ways creating unique graphic and visual effects. Different solutions have been devised, ranging from the most regular ones to randomized like results, from solutions based on few colours and modules to much more complex and articulated compositions with daring colour blocks.

Xgone is a collection that can be used for large commercial surfaces as well as for residential purposes both for wall and floor tiles.


How Xgone stems from

Javier Deferrari and Lavinia Modesti meet in Milan, and eighteen months later, set up the DEFERRARI+MODESTI Studio in Florence.

Lavinia is Italian. Javier is from Argentina. Given their backgrounds, they have complementary skills for design; in fact, before they met, the two have had very different work experiences.

They love design, moving ovn from one scale to another, from architecture to installations, graphics, design, pooling together their wealth of cultures, knowledge and skills.