Large Format Porcelain Tiles

A new benchmark for designers and planners

In order to meet the different design requirements in contemporary architecture, the porcelain stoneware tiles by Mirage are also available in large slabs measuring 120x120, 120x240 and 30x240.

The large slabs by Mirage are the result of highly advanced research into ceramics and innovative production techniques. They knowingly combine the good looks and technical properties of porcelain stoneware, making it possible to obtain surfaces that are apparently seamless.

The range of large slabs by Mirage is available in two different thicknesses, 9 and 20 mm, to guarantee the widest possibilities of application.



Floor and Wall tiles

The thickness of 9 mm is suitable for medium and heavy duty flooring. Thanks to its technical and mechanical characteristics, it guarantees a greater load resistance and can be handled and moved around on the building site without the need for particular equipment.

With the Privilege collection, it is also possible to create extraordinary and even more exclusive wall coverings using the 120x240 format, which is also available in a rich range of textures such as onyx, gems, crystals and personalised solutions.


Façades and external walls

The 20 mm-slabs on the other hand, are designed for specific applications on ventilated façades, for surfaces that require high resistance against shocks from moving objects (such as the internal walls of underground stations and railways, shopping centres…) and for buildings that require greater resistance to atmospheric agents (wind, waves…).

The slabs measuring 120x240 and 30x240 with a 20 mm thickness can be hooked onto walls using the Mirage Walltech A system

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The slip resistance of these slabs makes them unsuitable for flooring in outdoor areas, for which we recommend the products in the range Mirage Evo 2/E™, with a suitable slip resistance.

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Vanity unit, countertop and furnishing elements

In addition to the traditional applications, the large slabs with a 20 mm thickness are also suited for use in the home for creating tops in bathrooms and kitchens, shower trays and sliding doors.


Important Projects

The large slabs by Mirage are ideal for commercial areas, large building complexes and shopping malls, where their prestigious and exquisite beauty is combined with the request for highly reliable surfaces, in perfect harmony with Mirage’s wide range of solutions and surfaces for indoor/outdoor use.


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