Cathedrals of culture: 3 evenings for 6 cathedrals

Thursday 23 July 2015
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

"Cathedrals of Culture”, organised by Mirage Project Point, came to an end a few days ago. The three evenings of the cinema event, attended by over 200 professionals, covered 6 works characteristic of the cities they are located in: the Berlin Philharmonic (Wim Wenders), the Russian National Library (Michael Glawogger), Halden Prison (Michael Madsen), the Salk institute (Robert Redford), Oslo Opera House (Margreth Olin) and the Centre Pompidou (Karim Airnouz).
The various professionals present had high praise for the films featuring the works, considered very much the beating heart of culture and artistic expression, icons of modernity and buildings with a key role to play in the cities’ cultural history. “An interesting choice”, said a number of the architects present, “because the buildings have an immediate impact on reality and have become undisputed symbols of the cities in which they were created”.

The event ended with an aperitif at Mirage Project Point. Everyone will be welcomed back in October for new events.

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