Ceramic and stone: today’s materials, yesterday’s effects

Friday 22 August 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Classic and elegant, stone-effect ceramics offer the timeless charm of bygone materials, and when set amongst greenery create a pleasant harmony with the natural surroundings.

Turn your home into an elegant, sophisticated domestic setting, with soft, luminous floors, inspired by the materials found in nature. The harmonious lines and perfect balance of light and shadow blend in perfectly with the stylistic elements of rustic, country interior designs, as well as with more contemporary furnishings.

Warm or cold colours, regular or irregular grains and 3D-effect shading: the finished effect is rich in details. But that’s not all.
Porcelain stoneware also guarantees the strength and practicality of a reliable, low-maintenance material. Ideal for laying also outdoors, it has the great advantage of offering a guiding thread with high visual impact between the interior and exterior, perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

Mirage offers a wide range of floor and wall tiles inspired by the elements found in nature. Among these, we must not forget Ardesie, tiles that interpret stone in a modern, sophisticated key. The innovation of this collection lies in the perfect harmony of technical performance and beauty. In 5 colours, 7 sizes and 2 surface finishes, Ardesie offers perfect coordination between interior and exterior settings, offering excellent adherence to the underlying floors.

Inspired by the look & feel of Nordic design, on the other hand, comes Norr, the Mirage collection with a three-dimensional effect in essential shades of grey. The granular surface has a highly tactile appeal, reminiscent of the most contemporary atmospheres.