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Tuesday 6 February 2018
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Smooth, continuous visual effects, thanks to fewer joints: large slabs are quickly gaining ground among designers and project engineers, opening up to new planning and design solutions. With an advantage over classic sizes: they can be used to obtain even more sophisticated effects.

Marble effect | Jewels

The Mirage slabs from the Jewels collection, with their marble-inspired look, ensure even, regular colour and veining effects that can’t always be guaranteed by natural stone. This is often a decisive advantage in projects where the whole supply has to be consistent with the samples approved.

Mirage’s marble-effect large slabs can also be used for the sophisticated book-matching laying scheme: distinctive compositions of top-quality marble that require slabs with specific veining patterns, selected and cut to size. The compositions can be combined with the base slab, with the same size and worksize, for an exceptionally beautiful, sophisticated result.


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To guarantee a sophisticated, stylish result, with the random appearance of natural marble, Mirage slabs are designed with five different patterns for each type, offering a solution ready to bring a beautifully smooth, seamless look to any setting. Perfect for sophisticated, luxury settings.

Stone effect | Norr

Mirage large slabs from the Norr collection, inspired by natural stone, offer natural-looking materials and surfaces in prestigious, slender sizes. Stylish and extra-versatile, thanks to the other sizes in the range, they also guarantee excellent mechanical, stain and weather resistance, making them especially suitable for commercial and residential settings.


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