Dress your home with Transition

Tuesday 10 May 2016
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Transition is not just about contemporary style, project skills, large spaces and architectural surfaces.

At its heart lies ancient knowledge acquired and transmitted through the centuries and blended with industrial manufacturing technology, opening out all in its conceptual complexity to embrace the simplest of settings: the home.

This is how the colour transition turns into a triumph of soft shades, offering endless possibilities.




Transition can turn the living area into a vibrant, alternative setting, an area to relax in, surrounded by lively nuances.



Fade can be used to mark a gradual shift from the floor to the walls, creating warm, natural nuances for an inviting ‎kitchen.‬



Try, for instance, to imagine a grey shade like Torino on the floor, beautifully offset by a landscape of wood-panelling chiaroscuro effects, perfect for enhancing the calm, cosy ambience of an elegant bedroom.



Enter the bathroom, and instantly perceive the sophisticated softness of its surfaces. A welcoming shelter offering an atmosphere of well-being.


Every bathroom acquires its own personality: neutral textures and a world of colour shading.