EpicArc: a new Mirage capsule by Andrea Boschetti

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone, Mirage will be presenting EpicArc, a capsule collection of tables by Andrea Boschetti, in collaboration with Ana Lazovic.

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EpicArc is a Mirage project by Andrea Boschetti, in collaboration with Ana Lazovic, aimed at offering a fresh take on ceramics as a pure design element, with a new approach that is both decorative and structural.

In defining the project, and the first products (a capsule collection of tables), the ceramic material was associated - rather than with a more obvious idea of visibility and perception, namely the table top – with the design concept of the legs, leaving it up to a transparent glass top to show the morphology of the various supports.

Turning the decorative role of porcelain stoneware around, two new scenarios and generative conceptual approaches were developed: the first, Epic, regards the geometry of shapes and the points of epicentre, balance and stability respectively, while the second, Arc, regards the history of the arch and its potential structural versions.



Epic and Arc embody pure design, in which the ceramic material is no longer a mere decorative element, evolving and becoming the very structure that makes up the object; becoming the essence of design itself.

These two products will give rise to a large collection of tables, featuring different geometries – large, small, modular, utility models – and designed for an increasingly sustainable, flexible living style.



The design of EpicArc is also built on the idea of sustainable objects. The world of products - whatever the world of marketing says – is still lagging far behind other sectors in terms of ecological transition.

Epic and Arc have been conceived using dry components, mainly interlocking, with materials that can be disposed of separately, depending on their intrinsic characteristics.



The capsule collection of tables created for Mirage is effectively a challenge in terms of research and innovation, launched by Mirage towards the future. This challenge undoubtedly flirts will the total look concept for the world of contemporary living, which is increasingly customisable and able to take on an exclusive, distinctive character, with a new approach to conceiving and designing products and their components that also takes account of their environmental impact.

The project will be previewed at the Mirage Project Point in Milan on the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2022. From 7 to 11 June, it will be open to the public in Via Marsala 7, Milan.

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