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Tuesday 16 May 2023
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

From the partnership between Mirage and Ethimo, the outdoor decor company that has always sought inspiration in the most contemporary design trends, comes EVO_Living.

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EVO_Living is an outdoor table project that blends the ultra-high technical performance of porcelain stoneware with an unmistakeably elegant and natural design.



With EVO_Living, Mirage extends its outdoor and gardening range: a collection with an exclusive design, perfectly integrated into the EVO_2/E system. Ideal for gardens, patios and terraces, for leisure occasions, conviviality and relaxation, in both residential and commercial settings. An exclusive design by Ethimo for Mirage that blends style, function and attention to detail, making any outdoor space naturally welcoming.


The EVO_Living project offers a wide range of porcelain stoneware tops, selected carefully for each structure colour, to guarantee chromatic harmony to suit any outdoor setting.





There are a total of 8 slabs to choose from, with stone, concrete, wood effects and decorated, a unique range designed to meet every style need. EVO_Living offers 2 types of TOP, both highly functional, with a design studied down to the finest detail and ergonomic shapes.


SOUL: solution with recessed Mirage porcelain stoneware top, for a more linear, minimal design.

EDEN: solution with surface-mounted Mirage porcelain stoneware top, for a more classic and versatile appearance.