experimentations with materials: textile

Thursday 17 December 2015
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Architonic met Färg & Blanche in Milan and discussed their hands-on experimentations with materials.

If you had to pick one material to work with for the next three years, what would it be? 

Textiles. Because there is a lot of innovation happening. You can go from being flat to having volume – you cut, you shape, you tailor, you construct. It can be used for many different things. The more we work with textiles, the more we get into the material. It is fascinating in every way. You can also make self-supportive structures today.

You’ve executed many projects that involve textiles, using different techniques and partly placing textiles in unusual contexts. Could you mention one project that has stayed in your mind and share your experience with us? 

I think it would be the Emma Armchair for Gärsnäs. It is a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that speaks the language of craftsmanship, picking up the gauntlet. Our idea was to stitch right through the backrest of the armchair. There is no wood or metal frame in the backrest, only a textile composition. The material for the backrest is piled up in layers and then sewn together in one move with a sewing machine. It is an effective production, but takes a very skilled craftsman to make this chair.

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