The “Frame” project opening: a roundabout for ceramics and the territory.

Friday 28 October 2016
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

On Saturday 29 October, in front of the Mirage headquarters, before representatives of the Municipality of Pavullo nel Frignano and of the company board, the inauguration ceremony was held for the project Frame, winner of the contest "A roundabout for ceramics and the territory", organised by Mirage and sponsored by the Municipality of Pavullo nel Frignano with the aim of seeking creative ideas and solutions for the designing of a Roundabout located opposite the entrance to the Mirage premises.

The Frame project, in addition to enhancing the landscape, also creates an element in which the natural world meets the industrial dimension. The name, which derives from the project concept, imagines a perspective frame formed by separate elements at the centre of the roundabout, able to enhance and frame the space around it. The perception of those observing the work changes as they approach it, and it turns into an artistic installation.

As the observer drives along Via Giardini from both directions, the aim of the project is to recreate the emotional image of a postcard showing a view of the Apennines, a modern take on the much-loved postcard: it is a specific territorial reference, since it is the environment, the local context, the landscape and the changing of the seasons that will give the work a different appearance every day. In this sense, the company is declaring and highlighting its link with the local area, engaging in a dialogue with the surroundings it was founded and developed in, becoming not the starring feature of it, but rather an admirer, an actor able to play it out.

The Frame project was also chosen by the Jury for the dual sense given to a “Gateway to the Apennines”, a way to clearly highlight the entrance into the mountain communities and the Modena Apennines area. Applause nonetheless also goes to all of the 150 + entrants from Italy, India, Taiwan, England, Northern Europe and the USA who responded to our call to creativity with interesting, stimulating, creative projects, the vast majority of which were anything but banal.

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