Glocal: choose gray for eclectic furnishings

Monday 18 December 2017
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Is there any color more sophisticated than gray?

This is the mantra of the contemporary interior designer, who has elected gray as the winning solution for a growing number of furnishing solutions, using it to obtain a huge variety of different styles for settings.

Gray is an exceptionally versatile color, which can bring a masculine slant to a setting when teamed with dark shades and minimal furnishings; it can also be chosen, however, to liven up a classic style when combined with colors such as white and beige.

In the Glocal collection by Mirage, the eclectic furnishing appeal of gray takes off thanks to the concrete effect. A simple, neutral, material appeal is the style characteristic underlying the collection.

The entire history of modern and contemporary architecture, from the origins of Le Corbusier’s brutalist current to Tadao Ando’s Japanese formwork, concrete has been one of the most widely used materials on the design scene, allowing every designer to configure and customize spaces based on specific style and interior design needs. The power of the concrete-look gray shades lies in their neutral appeal and their ability to embody all the material identity of ceramics, transforming them into an authentic container able to enhance all types of finishes and furnishing elements.

Mirage has perfected this characteristic typical of spattled concrete, coming up with a collection that offers a delicate, light expression of clean-cut textures, recalling the most typically original soul of gray concrete, while carefully seeking to focus on a number of subtle details.

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