How to Give your House a Touch of Nordic Style

Monday 16 October 2017
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

When it comes to decorating or redesigning the style of a house, Nordic style is definitely on trend this season, one of the most widely used on the design scene, not only in Nordic and Northern European countries but also in many homes around the world, thanks to its simplicity, elegance, natural look and beauty.

If you are looking to add some Nordic style to your own home this year, choosing the right material could be essential.

Throughout the entire history of modern and contemporary architecture, concrete has been among the most popular materials, since it allows each design engineer to configure spaces and bring a personal touch to them, in line with specific style and furnishing requirements.

The power of concrete lies in the fact that it is a neutral, exceptionally versatile furnishing material, and in its ability to embody the whole material identity of the ceramic product, transforming it into a container able to bring out the very best in all types of finishes and furnishing elements.



New GLOCAL Collection by Mirage / Cementing a New Style

GLOCAL is reminiscent of spattled cement, in its most neutral, eclectic guise.

Mirage has fully exploited the characteristic features of this material, coming up with a light, delicate collection with clean-cut, yet profound textures reminiscent of the material in its most typically original guise, enhanced by a careful selection of subtle details.



9 neutral shades, ranging from white to anthracite and comprising cool and warm shades of grey, plus 2 metallic surfaces, which combine perfectly and allow for material combinations with other collections in the Mirage range, with a view to placing an even stronger accent on furnishing and design solutions.



The Glocal range, studied to meet a variety of design needs thanks to the large variety of colours, surfaces and sizes available, has been expanded further with the large slabs, available in the sizes 160×160 and 160×320, with a thickness of 6 mm, and 120×240 and 120×120, with a thickness of 9 mm.