How to manage large-size slabs

Friday 5 May 2017
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Available in sizes 120x240, 120x120 and 30x240, large-size slabs are the product of advanced research in the field of ceramics and are able to combine style with the impressive technical performance of Mirage® porcelain stoneware. 

Discover how to load, transport, install and manage the large format porcelain tiles. 

Step #1 | How to load and unload large format tiles

Batch management, loading and unloading operations.

Step #2 | How to transport large format tiles

Manual and automatic transport guidelines for horizontal and vertical movimentation of large porcelain slabs.

Step #3 | How to install and grout large format tiles

Checking of foundation, installation, and filling, cleaning after laying, cutting and drilling. Discover how to install large porcelain slabs.

Step #4 | How to install porcelain vanity and counter top

Discover how to install semi-finished products as vanity or counter top realized with large porcelain slabs.


The range of large slabs by Mirage is available in two different thicknesses: 9 and 20 mm. An invaluable new resource for designers and design engineers, the large slabs extend the Mirage range even further, opening the door to new projects and design solutions.


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