An industrial look for your house

Tuesday 17 June 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Textured detailing and metallic elements meet concrete, in this industrial style inspired by ex-warehouses and disused factories, that soften the atmosphere with both romantic and vintage touches. The Mirage varnished, porcelain stoneware tiles, or the ‘concrete’ effect collections make up this mood and are undeniably the most apt of solutions.

You may be asking yourself what is the origin of a trend able to cover, not only house interiors, but places such as boutiques and shops too? The answer is simple.

This industrial style originates first of all from the professional lifestyle, the one that is used every day inside the four walls of offices and factories everywhere. A new awareness has taken over these work places transforming them into eye-catching blends of interior design and architectural and construction projects that are so prevalent today. A fresh appeal that identifies the look and feel associated with textured surfaces, providing a new charm. These interiors tell an indirect story of vintage elements and of the strong materialistic attraction.

The variations used can include materials such as steel, metal, and glass, very often cleverly combined in wood furniture or assembled through the use of pallets. Another important stronghold is the use of concrete, which thanks to this element gives the advantage of durable and high performance in porcelain stoneware, skilfully brought to life by Nolita by Mirage collection. This collection represents the expression of a more refined, cosmopolitan style. The textured surface evokes a look that creates the impression of a contemporary melting pot.

And what is left to say about the walls? If bricks are the most obvious choice, a valid alternative is surely represented by Privilege, varnished porcelain stoneware tiles. Wall tiles that take shape as a balanced mix of technology and artisan craftsmanship, ideal for embellishing single architectural features or niches of the home.