Inground pools, infinity or with skimmer. What are the advantages?

Thursday 16 June 2016
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Marketing Mirage

When you decide to install a swimming pool in your garden, there is usually a long list of questions that imply a complex range of choices that will, in turn, have an important effect on all aspects connected with the installation of the pool, and above all with the impact it will have on the surrounding area.

The first question is usually the choice of the various types of recirculation available, in particular the choice between a skimmer / infinity system.

Amongst other things, this generally also affects the structure and type of paving used around the pool.

There are two types of recirculation systems:



Skimmer is the classic system, where the water surface is 10-15cm (4" - 6") below the edge of the pool, and is fitted with a less complex filter system.




Infinity – or Finnish – is the name given to systems that allow the water to overflow the top edge of the pool, where it is collected in a conduit and then filtered through a more complex, structured system.


A skimmer system is a more traditional type of filter, which is easier to install and consequently also cheaper, while an “infinity” system makes it possible to obtain a more striking result, with a pool that seems to continue naturally from the garden and the surrounding spaces.

It is thus clear that the preference of one type of system over another will result in a very different setting, both technically speaking and with regard to the visual effect.

By choosing 20mm slabs of porcelain stoneware Evo_2/E to cover the area around your pool, the decision between the different recirculation systems will no longer pose an obstacle in the paving choice for your garden.

Evo_2/E, in fact, has a wide range of slabs that will perfectly suit all types of recirculation systems and pool edging, together with a large variety of special trims, allowing the creation of tiling projects that can be fully coordinated and personalised to obtain perfect pools in every sense.