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Friday 8 April 2016
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Six months on from launch, Transition continues to make headway in the world of design.

In March, this progress earned the collection the Red Dot Award 2016, one of the most prestigious on the international design scene, making it one of the top ceramic options for interior design.

However, Transition has not forgotten its origins along the way.

Because behind the creative process bound up with the concept of passage, change, a literal and metaphorical transition between places, behind the journey that has become an experience, a setting to make use of, behind te blend of style and function and the purity of the design, lies a return to the craftsmanship tradition of Italian ceramics, in which each element was – and is – a sensation, a material quality, beauty crafted to measure.


So Transition is not just about contemporary style, project skills, large spaces and architectural surfaces. At its heart lies ancient knowledge acquired and transmitted through the centuries and blended with industrial manufacturing technology, opening out all in its conceptual complexity to embrace the simplest of settings: the home.

This is how the colour transition turns into a triumph of soft shades, offering endless possibilities.

Transition can turn the living area into a vibrant, alternative setting, an area to relax in, surrounded by lively nuances.

Fade can be used to mark a gradual shift from the floor to the walls, creating warm, natural nuances for an inviting ‎kitchen.‬



Ostuni, Lecce, Matera, Torino, Milano: a journey through five different Italian cities, a journey through five different shades. Five stages on a creative journey through not only different urban landscapes, but five different states of mind, able to transmit a unique sensation of calm and lightness, with endless variants.

Try, for instance, to imagine a grey shade like Torino on the floor, beautifully offset by a landscape of wood-panelling chiaroscuro effects, perfect for enhancing the calm, cosy ambience of an elegant bedroom.



Transition offers a material response to our on-going pursuit of calm. A place where time seems to have stood still. A place to move in and out of, in a rewind of emotions. Offices and stores can also tune into their contemporary soul by combining striking traditional design elements with contemporary neutral colours and material effects.



Transition‬ is ultimately a journey through sensations, recollections and experiences, rather like life itself: great or small, it is our own, and all we have to do to set off to explore it.

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