Let’s hear from Gianluca Carraro, winner of Restile 2015

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

And here we are with Gianluca Carraro, the young designer and former student of the Politecnico University of Milan who is the winner of Restile 2015. We tried to put our finger on what inspired him and what were his benchmarks, to get a better understanding of the genesis of a project that reflects his evident attraction for the Orient.

The idea submitted by Gianluca Carraro is called Sashiko. Sashiko is a traditional Japanese technique of reinforcement stitching, usually combined with patches to repair worn areas of clothes or used for purely decorative purposes.
It is a highly prized decorative craft and great skill is needed to create these patchwork masterpieces.

The irregular running stitches, the delicate patterns and the simplicity of a sophisticated mark define an idea where each module reproduces a different shade of fabric, before being put together with apparently casual nonchalance.
The antique art of a western tradition like ceramics now encounters the east, becoming a tangible design concept that won the jury’s vote for its “interesting ability to transform the effect of a woven fabric into a solid version by developing an indisputably original idea.”

What did Gianluca Carraro have to say? Let’s see what he said in our interview with him.