Design and ceramics for green living

Tuesday 20 May 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

How to decorate your interiors with styles, colours and shapes inspired by the natural habitat. Enhanced modularity, interior design elements and ceramic solutions that reproduce natural materials.

Trying to adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, in keeping with the colours recalling the shades of natural materials is one of the latest trends of interior design and contemporary living. Styles and shapes that evoke the natural world and permeate into the home irrespective of its size. If, up until some years ago, the bathroom was merely a “service room”, today it extends without limitation to find a harmonious dimension. Here design speaks the language of pure relaxation and wellbeing. Basins with smooth shapes recalling the waves of the sea, delicate sanitary ware – installed on the wall edge – perfect combinations of ceramics and wood. A new concept of design enters the bathroom to offer tailor-made elements: flexibility and sartorial solutions are the key words.

The floor and wall coverings perfectly merge with this alluring atmosphere, embracing the shades of the earth, of moss and of sage. The porcelain stoneware seeks out the wood effect and follows its veining: the Allways collection by Mirage is a perfect example of this effect. Pastel tints that give a sense of depth to the space creating a pleasant contrast of light and shadow. The Signature ceramic collection also re-interprets natural wood to spread personality and character to every room in the house.

The faithful re-interpretation of natural materials finds space in the kitchen too. Professional tools recalling an old-fashioned style, recycled objects and furniture that pay tribute to expert craftsmanship blend with contemporary design hints, with steel and minimalist lines. In this room of the house, we can play with the colour so typical of sandstone, slate and clay.

The Quarziti 2.0 collection faithfully reproduces the diversity of natural stone but that’s not all. These ceramic tiles, also suitable for outdoor application, eliminate space barriers, perfectly integrating the indoors and the outdoors.

Even the walls evoke the natural habitat. Architectural elements such as pillars and beams encounter the neutral tints of beige and brown to recall shapes form the plant kingdom, creating a warm atmosphere in the space.