Bathroom and ceramics for all sizes

Friday 6 June 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

The bathroom has long since shaken off its “utility room” label, becoming a place for us to relax and take care of ourselves in. Is ceramic creativity limited by space? Mirage says no: just take a look at the 100% Bathroom project. A place of beauty, a place to pamper yourself in: contemporary residential architecture sees the bathroom as very much a room in its own right. Just a few decades ago, all that was required of bathrooms was for them to be functional and practical, yet today they have become a place where the focus is on creation, invention and an ongoing ability to take on new looks.
Bathroom furnishing ideas are mushrooming year after year, and no longer regard large, spacious homes, with something for every size.

What about floor and wall coverings?
Porcelain stoneware is definitely the perfect surface for bathrooms, not only because of its excellent technical performance, but also because it offers an endless variety of solutions and attractive finishes. This is a material with numerous advantages: it is easy to clean, it does not require any specific maintenance and guarantees impeccable stain and solvent resistance. It does not give off any type of volatile toxic substances (Radon or Voc), thus safeguarding health and wellbeing. But there’s more.

The object of on-going research into the evolution of the material, it is able to satisfy and meet a range of specific style requirements, bringing to life all sorts of trends in architecture and living styles. Mirage can help you design a bathroom to suit any kind of needs, and the 100% Bathroom project offers a wide range of 2-metre style solutions for a designer bathroom with a striking contemporary flavour. 
Even the smallest of homes can now have the designer look they aspire too, thanks to a variety of solutions that guarantee perfect coordination between walls and floors.

What’s your style? 
Take a look through the Mirage 100% Bathroom catalogue today and discover the options available for a great-looking bathroom.