Maraya Concert Hall

Thursday 15 April 2021

The largest mirrored building in the world seems to “melt away" into the desert scenery

Inaugurated in 2019 in Wadi Ashaar, Maraya Concert Hall was built in the Alula region, the first Unesco heritage site in Saudi Arabia, around which the Royal Commission for AlUla wanted to build a cultural and tourism project that represents an epochal turning point for the country.


Maraya aims to become a "place of culture" by hosting in its unique location musical events, international operas and innovative exhibitions. The "Maraya" is a giant mirror cube, a silent and respectful architecture, a "site-specific landmark", meaningful and elegant with intrinsic and extravagant simplicity.

Maraya will make us explore and discover, it makes us reflect on the incomparable spectacle of the geological epic, the radical abstraction of the surroundings and the unique incursions of man in the landscape.




In the upcoming entrance installation the visitor will discover the design inspired by the Natural shapes of the canyons restaged in a giant pixel mirror installation and a walkthrough to the rooftop pavilion.

The monumental entrance hall will host internationally curated exhibitions. A 26-meter high theater will allow opera-houselike stage movements and can generously accommodate 550 people for the show and in it’s restaurants or rooftop penthouse terrace bar.



For this project , the walls of the hall and the panoramic terrace are realized with customized Mirage porcelain stoneware slabs to recoll the colors of the limestone rocks, which range from intense burgundy red to beige, and change over the course of the day reacting to the light.

"Alula Light" and "Alula Dark" evoke landscapes of rocks and sand, enriched with shades and oxidations, and in the slightly wavy structure, which produces a material effect also thanks to the slight shading from one piece to another



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*Photo credits: Giò Forma



Giò Forma

Studio Associato

Giò Forma is a firm of Designers, Artists and Architects located in Milan, founded in 1998 and headed by Cristiana Picco, Florian Boje and Claudio Santucci.
The trio have established an impressive multi-disciplinary creative company that works together with various professional figures to create a unique working team, giving the firm a leading role in “show & production design".

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