Monochrome use of Mirage porcelain stoneware

Thursday 3 July 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Mirage offers a huge selection of floor and wall coverings to create strikingly attractive architectural projects.

Choosing the right colour for floor and wall coverings is one of those decisions that has a significant impact on the final style and design of residential projects.
Ceramics offer a wealth of decoration options, with geometries and textures able to create a sophisticated, retro effect, or a futuristic, minimal mood.

The latest trend signals coming from the world of architecture and interior design suggest the use of neutral shades, counterbalanced with details in bright shades. Essential shapes and geometric structures are the perfect complement to grey, beige and black, creating settings with a simple, contemporary look. The same colours are equally ideal for enhancing a Nordic-style country atmosphere created by combining rounded shapes, wooden elements, soft drapes and shabby chic furniture.

These two aesthetic approaches can be applied to perfection using the Re_Plain by Mirage collection.
A kaleidoscopic universe composed of a wide variety of plain colours that include beige, ecru, grape must, pearl, sage, dusty grey and black. A variety of sizes are also available to meet all sorts of project requirements. 

The earthy pigments and the references to materials present in nature help to create inviting environments, characterised by attractive combinations of shade and warm light to enhance the design element and engage appealingly with the furnishings of each room.