NooN, naturally thinking

Monday 13 April 2015
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

NooN is the latest addition to the Mirage stable, inspired by the natural trend of wood and the surfaces that turn into a perfect emulation of the material.
NooN faithfully mimics the veining, knots and variety of patterns typical of unprocessed wood strips, interpreting the essence of the material found in nature so faithfully that it restores genuine warmth to the surroundings, reflecting the lively pace of intense day-to-day life, packed with emotions.

The hallmark features of NooN are splits, knots and strips with striking shading effects, creating an alluring, authentic new mood for the living area, featuring a wealth of references to the most contemporary trends in architecture and interior design.

This is a porcelain stoneware with a typically vintage inspiration, and a sensibility ready to be revealed in the marks left behind by time.
There’s more to NooN, however, and the graphic energy of wood is joined by impressive resistance to water, chemicals and wear and tear, making the collection perfect for both residential environments and commercial settings.

NooN comes in five shades, creating a perfect synthesis of woods, with the natural surface encountering a beautifully glossy surface in the shades of Honey, Charcoal, Ember, Burnet and Daylight, to create unique settings packed with character.

The tiles come in two sizes - 19.7x120 and 15x60 non-squared - as well as the 19.7x120 chevron module, allowing all the expressive power of wood to combine with the most recent interior design trends.