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The aim of this blog is to seek further information and ideas on the world of flooring in all its aspects, because the complex allure of this world – made up of technology, craftsmanship, design, creativity and much more – never ceases to amaze us… and we’re sure it will have the same effect on you.

Privilege: extraordinary wall tiles for that special touch

Friday 3 April 2015
Marketing Mirage
Written by
Marketing Mirage

The Privilege collection has been extended with new ideas. With new patterns that imitate natural elements such as stone, gems and onyx alongside other references to underground culture, it is thus a collection of different trends that develop in the streets and the ‘cooler' districts in town. The new ranges by Mirage have an urban, cosmopolitan feel which goes well with the rather rugged charm of resin and concrete, including a hint of graffiti which has shed a totally new light on street art.

Research did not end here, however, but strives towards a unique concept of personalisation in ceramics. Emotions is the name given to the collection of ceramic slabs that transform wall tiles into an evocative, custom-made image.

With Emotions, a tiled wall becomes a canvas on which to apply your favourite motifs, letting your creativity run wild: any image can be applied on the surface of these large tiles which superbly unite craftsmanship and technology.
Faithfully reproduced details and patterns allow the creation of unique tiled walls that tell your very own story.

Mirage has perfected 4 different styles to allow you to create a walled backdrop with the image of your choice: Color, Black and White, Pop Artand Comics.