Restile 2015, let's find out more about the runners-up

Thursday 14 May 2015
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Mirage continues its interviews with the participants of Restile, the competition offering a showcase for the ideas, designs and creative plans of young designers. Today we took time out to listen to the experiences of the runners-up: Martina Malomo, architect, and Francesca Scipioni, interior designer.

The product they designed embodies an identity that partly tells of their passions and their creative ideas: LAMERAI reflects an aesthetic and functional research interpreted in concrete and textured steel sheet - a material widely used in industrial contexts - to offer a new, unique expression. The surface designed presents a texture of rough decorations, typical of situations that must comply with safety requirements, a pattern creating movement and regularity.

Martina Malomo and Francesca Scipioni tell us about themselves

For Martina, good design is a product combining a strong aesthetic and emotional value with functional, practical contents.
Francesca on the other hand dreams of one day being able to express her architectural designs through her passions: illustration and graphics.
And what are their references in today's design and architecture panorama? Where do they get their inspirations from? How do they define their style?

Let them tell us themselves!