Restile 2015, more interviews with the participants

Thursday 28 May 2015
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

The stars of our chat today are Elisa Lo Castro and Cristian Gentile, who took part in the Restile contest with a particularly interesting project, inspired by the works of Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. Her installations, authentic woven scenographies, are made from the meticulous hand-threading of an infinite number of woollen threads. These are dark tangles, almost dreamlike apparitions that visitors explore, becoming entwined in a thick weave that becomes both a tactile and dimensional experience.

The idea that took shape became a collection, Penelope, offering an effect of thickly woven textures: soft games of light play out on the porcelain stoneware surface, revealing the graphical purity of the pattern. The chosen form is square, versatile and suited to many different uses, and yet perfect for combating the sharpness of the decoration and offering a range of modular combinations.

So let's hear from Elisa Lo Castro and Cristian Gentile
Both are fascinated by those design studies that attempt to reduce material waste as much as possible, without compromising on aesthetic perfection. At the same time, they particularly appreciate an architectural approach that exploits local resources to create buildings with low energy consumption.
Certainly a road to take that leads to new forms, materials and styles that are just waiting to happen.

So where do they get their inspiration and ideas? Let's find out in the interview!