The use of Marble in Luxury Interior Design

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

The simplest way to give a setting a sophisticated touch, following the most valid trends in contemporary living, is definitely the choice of precious stones on floors, walls and furnishing details.

Widely used on the tasteful design scene, a marble look is essentially the prime choice.


For Mirage, lighting up a setting with ceramics means designing and creating surfaces inspired by the precious stone. 

It is only thanks to on-going research and development that Mirage has obtained porcelain stoneware slabs able to offer a faithful reproduction of marble, with its veining effects, tone-on-tone nuances of color and naturally shimmering effects.



Mirage has come up with a delightful solution to satisfy a specific desire for luxury, with the elegant JEWELS, a marble-effect porcelain stoneware collection available in 17 new fine-quality marbles, able to bring a touch of distinctive appeal to luxury interior design projects.



The power of the elegance of JEWELS lies in the technical perfection of this collection, from research into the veins of the material to the delicate color nuances and the fine details.

The result is a masterpiece in each and every slab.



The glossy finish is designed for residential floors and wall cladding subject to slight stress and not in contact with outdoor areas.

Just as with stone and marble, the presence of small areas with a non-uniform shine or dots must be considered as an intrinsic feature of the material, deriving from the special manufacturing process.



The large slabs in the sizes 160x160 and 160x320 and with a thickness of 6 mm further complete the collection, offering new applications and design options.