Wood effect in the bathroom? Even better if it’s porcelain stoneware

Monday 10 November 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Choosing the right wall and floor coverings in every room in the house is a fundamental step in any new architectural or restructuring project. As finishing elements, wall and floor coverings have a twofold function. Appearance, creating a special mood in the home and characterising the setting, and function, in terms of cleaning, practicality and safety.
In the bathroom we have many variables to consider: the room is particularly damp, and rather aggressive detergents are used for cleaning. The best material must therefore be non-absorbent, as well as resistant to stains and chemicals.

The winning choice is porcelain stoneware.
But what possibilities do we have for design and customisation?
Over the years, ceramic technologies have made huge leaps forward, and today can reproduce natural materials offering authentic tactile and visual sensations without compromising on the functional advantages of a single material.

A delicate, yet highly evocative surface like wood meets a new expressive language in porcelain stoneware. The grain, the colours, but also the tactile strength of parquet and time-aged slats blend with the performing textures of porcelain stoneware. In a bathroom with curved, soft lines, the light and atmosphere created by wood-effect tiles help to create the perfect setting for relaxation and well-being.

A collection like Signature brings out the best in even the smallest bathroom, offering the charm of a vintage-style surface. The living strength of wood offers a new tactile expression and a contemporary appeal.