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27 November 2015

A monograph on classic marble

Jewels is a supremely complete, innovative interpretation of classic marble in porcelain stoneware, in 12 splendid colours and 7 sizes, available in a polished or natural surface and able to respond to the increasingly demanding requirements of modern interior design. The Jewels project also comprises the Privilege collection – beautiful hand-decorated and resin-coated porcelain stoneware slabs – and Jewels Suite, the custom decoration project with the Jewels colours.
Beauty, functionality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this sophisticated, quality project, illustrated as of today in a splendid monograph of over 100 pages, printed on extra-white matte coated paper and enhanced with a hardback cover in black uncoated paper decorated with contrasting gloss screen-printing. An elegant, exclusive publication, just like the product it illustrates.
Take a look to the catalogue on the website.  

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