Declaration of performance

Declaration of Performance


For Mirage, quality means care, not only in the ceramic product but also in technical service and performance. This is why Mirage porcelain stoneware is backed by the Declaration of Performance, a key document for consumer confidence.

Through this declaration, Mirage expounds the quality of its products within the main performance parameters used by the porcelain stoneware slab industry.
This means that Mirage works hard for its customers who can be confident of a trusted ceramic product with a great aesthetic impact.

Mirage believes that designing quality floors and coverings must not disregard protection of the environment. Therefore, the company has invested heavily in researching and developing new products in line with European and International ecological parameters.

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material with virtually nil porosity (and therefore absorbs almost no water). The outstanding feature of porcelain stoneware slabs is their composition. Only the purest materials are used.