Porcelain Stoneware Mirage

Technical Specifications

Mirage porcelain stoneware is a totally natural product.

The controlled random mix of natural raw materials in different colours overcomes the typical repetition of artificial products: every slab is unique in terms of grain and colour combination, without any of the typical excesses of many natural stones.

  • Basic sizes and special pieces can be supplied in autonomous colours. Any small variations in calibre fall within legal tolerances.
  • Occasional light spotting is part of the natural feature of the material;
  • Seconds or end-of-production goods are sold “as seen and accepted”, and no complaints will be accepted;
  • For best results with products with ≥ V2 shading coefficient, lay the material using several boxes, to create a perfect mix.


Mirage Granito Ceramico SpA reserves the right to vary the products illustrated in this catalogue for production purposes or in order to improve quality.
Samples are purely indicative.
Packaging and weights shown may be varied in line with production requirements. Check with the sales department at the time of order.

Porcelain stoneware features
Description of the material

High quality fine porcelain stoneware, homogeneous throughout the body.
Manufacturer: MIRAGE® GRANITO CERAMICO® SpA, Pavullo (MO) – ITALIA
These compact body Ceramic Granite slabs are made by noble clays, quartzes, feldspars and calcinated metal oxides (with no bonding agents, resins or additives) and are pressed to 450 kg/cm2 and fully sintered at a temperature of 1200 °C.

Surface finishes

The surface fi nishes available are:
1. Bush-hammered

2. Flashed

3. Lapped

4. Polished

5. Natural

6. Matt

7. Structured

8. Piallato

9. Radiale

10. Dogato

11. Spazzolato

12. Rigato

13. Strutturato anticato

14. Lucido

The lapping and polishing processes are carried out mechanically using diamond grinding tools and water, without the use of chemical substances.

Formats and dimensional tolerances

The formats are divided up according to calibre and choice, in compliance with internal quality standards, which also are conform with and/or are better than the EN 14411 standards.

Average tolerance values:

Length and width ± 0.3%
Thickness ± 5.0%
Corner straightness ± 0.3%
Squareness ± 0.2%
Flatness ± 0.2%

TECHNICAL DATA (average values)

Water absorption: < 0,1%
Flexion resistance: 46-65 N/mm2
Deep abrasion resistance: <147 mm3
Frost resistance according to standard: EN ISO 10545-12
Chemical attack according to standard: EN ISO 10545-13
Breakage load (respectively for thicknesses of di 10 mm – 20 mm): 3000 N - 13000 N

These technical data refer to fi rst choice materials, which conform with the EN 14411 standards (certifi cates available on request). Any material offered as an alternative to Mirage Ceramic Granite cannot be manufactured using surrogate methodologies and they cannot have inferior technical features.


Offer required from the laying fi rm

Delivery and laying with adhesive width of the joint 2/3/4 mmaccording to the product sizes

Product: CERAMIC GRANITE (homogeneous throughout the tile body)

Unit price:
Total price: