More than ever before, today the key features of modern architecture are efficiency and rationality.
What we are looking at today is a new way of conceiving projects, in which the enhancement of the image becomes increasingly aware, increasingly attentive to the need to limit energy consumption and make buildings as comfortable as possible.
The need to make buildings more efficient and rationalise the building process has led to the demonstration that ceramic shells – technically known as ventilated walls (or ventilated façades, or curtain walls) – are among the most innovative, best-developed solutions in terms of both reliability and design.

Ventilated facades.

This system meets the demands of new architectural concepts, carefully enhancing the aesthetic effects of buildings while, at the same time, keeping energy consumption low.

Glued facades

Glued façades, just like ventilated façades, offer a system that allows you to cover buildings to ensure greater living comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Custom Facade

The aim of the “Custom Facade” project is to provide an innovative tool for the design engineer, allowing for total creative freedom to customise architectural works, perfectly compatible with the quality regularly guaranteed by the use of Mirage porcelain stoneware.