Raised floors

Raised floors: intelligent space.

This flooring system is made up of practical modular elements and is an excellent option for indoor and outdoor installations requiring underfloor space. Raised floors optimise designs, creating functional and valuable space in which to house underfloor systems.

What are these?

A raised floor is a floor suspended on a metal or plastic structure that creates a gap into which electrical circuits can be housed.
The creation of a flooring system that is ideal in both indoor and outdoor environments originated as a response to numerous different requirements. Such requirements include the need to design a space in a flexible manner using surfaces that ensure the ability to access and modify underfloor systems, the option to make changes to the arrangement of spaces, quick maintenance etc.
In particular, raised floors meet to requirements of modern working environments in terms of adaptability of spaces, using the technical and aesthetic features of porcelain stoneware. On the other hand, applying raised floors to outdoor settings allows us to reinterpret and renew spaces using the countless characteristics that porcelain stoneware offers. For outdoor settings, raised floors are a solution able to reinterpret and revamp spaces using precisely the technical features of the ceramic material.

PTS: indoor raised access floors

PTS is the profession system for indoor raised flooring Made in Mirage and involves a flooring system raised onto metal structures using supported, removable modules that create a space for design.

EVO_E for your outdoor floors

Evo_E: a Made in Mirage professional system of outdoor raised flooring.