Slabs for Architecture

Large-size slabs join the range of Mirage collections

Thanks to the wide range of large-size slabs offered, the Mirage programme always has the ideal size and thickness for every specific situation.

The large-size slabs with 6 mm thickness offer a perfect compromise: less fragile than thinner slabs, yet lighter and easier to handle than the 9 mm size. Mirage recommends the large-size slabs with 6 mm thickness only for applications in residential settings, commercial settings with light traffic or not subject to heavy loads or the passage of hard-wheel trolleys.

9 mm. The ideal thickness for reliable floor coverings even in large sizes, and of course also for wall coverings. The 120x120 size is safe in all contexts, while the 120x240 size is ideal for continuous wall coverings without swarf.

20mm. Slabs for outdoor use, with dry, raised or glued laying techniques.

Mirage strengthens its vocation as a design partner by completing this extraordinary surfaces system, in which every component offers only the best. For each product type and application, Mirage offers the most performing, nocompromise solutions.

Every slab holds all the Mirage technological know-how and experience.

Every slab is made with the same extraordinary attention to detail, its aesthetic character exalted by the large size.

Production controls and technical assistance add the value of Mirage experience and service, tried and tested around the world.


Tailor made lifestyle

Whatever the living style to be interpreted, the Mirage colour palette offers a wealth of colours, materials and decorations to furnish and decorate any home, even the most prestigious, with tailor-made solutions.
The assortment of sizes, thicknesses and finishes guarantees tailor-made solutions for all the technical demands of the building: indoors, outdoors, floors and wall coverings, coordinated in a single colour or mixing different material looks.

Specialized in large surfaces

Mirage has always been specialised in architecture projects with a high technical content, for commercial buildings of any kind.
Precision, punctuality and assistance are therefore ensured in the supply of large slabs for façades or indoor coverings, even in complex projects combining many types of surfaces, special pieces and accessories.

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The large slabs in the Mirage range