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Richard Lusk Landscape and Design

We built a complete front and back yard pool and landscape project for a new home in Irvine, California. The project was designed by Aaron Sevilla, of Summers Murphy & Partners Inc, in Dana Point, California. The project includes a water wall, outdoor kitchen, metal overhead structure, cantilever metal lanai, firepit, pool, baja lounge and spa. The project site sits on over 60 feet of unstable fill dirt. Because of this, the yard is expected to move and settle into the foreseeable future. The design challenge was to design and build a rim flow pool that spills evenly on all four sides so when the yard settles, the pool doesn't. We engaged a soils engineer and structural engineers that designed a pile system that required us to drill 14 caissons, over a 100 feet deep and embed the pool 25 feet into bedrock. The pool also has a double layer of steel and thickened shotcrete floors and walls. (Richard Lusk)