An open consulting and meeting space, dedicated to architects, designers and other operators in the sector.


Project Point Mirage, an open consulting and meeting space, dedicated to all those who work with Mirage: architects, designers and other operators in the sector. An authentic, permanent workshop aimed at the world of projects, design, construction and retail - the figures the company works alongside every day.


Mirage Project Point is not a sales outlet, but a creative, co-working space, as well as an area conceived to allow users to consult ceramic materials, select colour combinations, discuss projects, create mock-ups and find new, customised technical solutions, thanks to the support of Mirage's qualified staff.

It allows you to consult colours and finishes, experiment with different combinations, learn about the latest products, find customised technical solutions, view and obtain samples of the Mirage porcelain stoneware surfaces. The area is equipped and available to present and discuss projects, organise seminars, workshops and meetings.

Find your inspiration and bring it to the studio

200 colours, 30 collections, 14 formats, 14 different finishes. Experiment to find the right combination, bring your samples and documents relating to surfaces.

Discover innovative surfaces and applications

Wall coverings, raised floors, outdoor solutions. Information, assistance and techniques on how to use the Mirage porcelain stoneware products.

Events, meetings and much more!

We organise training seminars, events, meetings. You can also use this space to organise your meeting or present your project. Stay in contact!