Atelier Mirage: where ceramic, innovation, design and sustainability meet

“Atelier Mirage” is the new research centre that brings together European industrial expertise with the planning vision of internationally renowned architects and designers to generate out-of-the-box products that boldly venture beyond the limits of traditional design.


Why was Atelier Mirage created?

The idea stems from the need to create a place, a think tank, where all those design concepts that enrich our portfolio by combining the creative ideas of the designers and the production technology of Mirage can be brought together.

Atelier Mirage is intended for those who want more than mere visual beauty and refined manufacturing. It is aimed at all those who seek added value in their daily decisions and who want to demonstrate this in the way they care for their living spaces. The collections featured in the Atelier offer a perfect balance between design creativity, well-being and sustainability, which reflects our commitment for more than 50 years to creating innovative solutions for interior design and architecture.

The collections of Atelier Mirage combine the elegance of Italian design, which is famous for a long tradition of craftsmanship, with sustainable innovation.

At Mirage, we have always paid attention to new technologies that allow us to imagine new uses for recycled materials. This allows us to choose to exploit existing resources before producing new ones, fulfilling our ongoing commitment to an eco-design process.

This is one of the added values of Atelier Mirage's latest collection: Nagomi, in collaboration with architect and designer Hadi Teherani.


This collection embodies different souls, allowing Japanese philosophy.

To guide European industrial techniques, drawing inspiration from mosaics, in their most traditional form, transforming them into a medium that tells stories of different places with a range of elements that change constantly according to the gaze of the observer, gradually revealing hidden details.

As Teherani explains: “Together with Mirage we came up with the name Nagomi, which in Japanese translates as harmony. Both in the Japanese culture and where I come from, we use the complexity of mosaic tiles to capture images, moods and cultures”.

Another important collaboration is the one with Giulio Cappellini, the architect and designer who has made Italian style a global icon.

Cappellini lent his vision for the restyling of the bestselling Glocal collection, adding 8 new contemporary colours to the colour palette and proposing new decorative solutions inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture.

GlocalxCappellini and NagomixHadiTeherani reveal our commitment to looking to the future through research into sustainable solutions and a strong focus on international trends, yet without denying the craft tradition of ceramics in Italy, where Mirage has its roots.

For this reason, Atelier Mirage aims to represent a collection of stories that are connected with each other by constant research into the new, exploring innovative solutions.

Teherani recalls: “we, as designers, are always very much dependent on learning this process and getting to know the DNA of a company like Mirage, and then being able to come up with a new idea”.
On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, Mirage will officially present Nagomi collection for the first time at Superstudio, together with GlocalxCappellini. The two collections fully reflect the identity of the Atelier Mirage project, which is constantly expanding and always open to new ideas.
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