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Responsible design and a commitment to a better future.


Our design philosophy is based on the exclusive use of natural raw materials from certified suppliers, operating with rigour right along the production chain.

"We undertake to fully recover production scrap and process water, thus helping to reduce our environmental impact. We enthusiastically adopt the latest technologies to ensure our production process is sustainable and respectful of the environment. Our commitment when it comes to raw materials is the result of an ongoing search for the best materials available. we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the raw materials we use are quarried responsibly, taking account of both the environment and workers' rights."

Responsible production
Our sustainability strategy
Recovery of scrap
We recover 100% of raw scrap and more than 100% of fired scrap, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable, circular economy.
Water consumption
Our sustainability strategy
Recovery of water
We recover 100% of process water, and we also undertake to collect and reuse rainwater, thus helping to reduce the amount of mains water used.
Our sustainability strategy
Reduction of waste
Our packaging has a recycled material content of between 70% and 100%, ensuring that it is sustainable and eco-friendly.
Environmental impact
Our sustainability strategy
Renewable energies
Our production of electrical energy is something we're proud of. Much of the energy we use is self-produced, demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy sources and the reduction of carbon emissions. Our latest-generation kilns are designed with the aim of reducing energy consumption and maximising heat recovery.

Our commitment to encouraging responsible consumption is reflected in our porcelain stoneware surfaces, which remain both beautiful and functional even after many years in use.

We believe that a timeless design and an exemplary manufacturing process are the key to guaranteeing products that stand the test of time, thus reducing the environmental impact linked to the frequent replacement of materials. The duration of our tiles is officially certified with an Environmental Product Declaration, which allows us to guarantee our customers a sustainable, low-environmental-impact product. In addition to their impressive duration, our surfaces are designed with the aim of improving people's living spaces. Thanks to the vast array of colours, textures and sizes available, our tiles offer endless design options, allowing for the creation of unique, inviting settings in tune with the tastes of each customer. To guarantee maximum quality, we work with an in-house laboratory that subjects every stage of the design process to rigorous quality tests, allowing us to maintain high standards of performance and respond to the needs of our customers by offering reliable, durable products. And we also care about the health of our customers and the environment around us.


Declare - International Living Future Institute

We are proud to announce that the International Living Future Institute's Declare label attests to the total absence of harmful substances in Mirage products, guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for everyone who comes into contact with our surfaces.


People are the heart of our company. Our success is founded on our employees: highly skilled, impassioned professionals able to give their very best to achieve shared objectives. The stimulating working environment we provide is an incentive for them to develop their talents.

"Our policy of hiring employees on permanent contracts is a tangible sign of our commitment to supporting a stable, inclusive workforce. We believe that offering secure, stable employment is essential to allow our employees to do their best and to grow along with the company.
We are convinced that true progress can only be made by investing in people. This is why we devote considerable resources to developing the skills of our workers. Every year, we offer more than 3000 hours of training, with specific programmes designed to allow each employee to acquire new skills and maintain a high level of professional performance. We firmly believe that the unique, diverse nature of the experience our employees bring to the table is an invaluable resource for the company. We place a great deal of value on collaboration and the exchange of ideas, which allows us to offer innovative solutions and to adopt a creative, constructive approach to challenges. Our company is a community, in which everyone has the opportunity to express their full potential. Each individual employee is an integral part of our success, and we endeavour to create a working environment in which everyone feels valued and respected."

Sustainability rating


Our company cares about environmental and social sustainability, and we firmly believe that innovation and commitment to concrete goals are key to creating a better future for all. To ensure transparency and measurability of our efforts, we have chosen to evaluate our performance through the Ecovadis rating, a recognition of excellence in the field of sustainability.

We've set ourselves significant goals, which guide our actions and the decisions we make every day.

Our aim is to try to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum, and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities we operate in. Our corporate vision is guided by social and environmental responsibility, and the aim of our goals is to leave a positive, lasting mark on the world around us. This is why we've set a series of targets we aim to achieve by the end of 2025:

  1. 01.
    Self-production of 100% of the electrical energy we use, thanks to the implementation of a new photovoltaic plant and the development of the existing cogeneration plants.

  2. 02.
    Water self-sufficiency for our factories, thus reducing our dependence on external water resources.

  3. 03.
    Extension of the Mirage artificial lake to collect the water necessary for the on-site production of green hydrogen, thus promoting clean, sustainable energy.

  4. 04.
    Definition of a science-based decarbonisation strategy, aimed at significantly reducing our carbon emissions and helping to combat climate change.

  5. 05.
    Development of socially useful activities involving Mirage staff and the surrounding community, including corporate volunteer activities and first aid courses open to the public.
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