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Milan Design Week 2024


Mirage presents "Atelier Mirage" @ Milan Design Week 2024 from 16 to 21 April

During Milan Design Week 2024, Mirage presents the new "Atelier Mirage" project at the Superstudio venue.
"Atelier Mirage" is a think tank conceived by Mirage, in collaboration with some of the most renowned international figures in architecture and interior design. It's a genuine journey of discovery towards new expressive forms of Italian ceramics, with products embodying a futuristic vision, skillfully integrating the elegance of tradition and the innovative drive of sustainable technologies.
Two collections are showcased to the public: Nagomi, created in synergy with architect and designer Hadi Teherani, and Glocal, born from collaboration with Giulio Cappellini.

Nagomi x Hadi Teherani

Nagomi, in collaboration with architect and designer Hadi Teherani, is a project born from the conscious use of recycled glass from cathode ray tubes of old televisions and monitors, proposing a design that elevates the product’s function to a dialogue with the environment.

Each element reflects a refined design that combines architectural rigor with the lyricism of surfaces, expressing harmony between craftsmanship and industrial precision, in a symphony of forms that celebrates simplicity and sustainable innovation.
Glocal x Giulio Cappellini

Glocal, in collaboration with Giulio Cappellini, is a collection based on a color palette inspired by contemporary architecture, enriched with eclectic chromatic touches for a unique aesthetic versatility.

The project includes new decorative solutions with relief effects and contrasts between glossy and matte surfaces, inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture. This project underlines Mirage's ability to interpret global trends, integrating chromatic innovation without neglecting solid Italian roots

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