Sustainability. Mirage adopts the Declare label.


For some years now, Mirage has been taking action aimed at reducing the environmental impact and boosting the safety of its products, because protecting the planet and its people requires an effort on everyone’s part.

it is with the choices each of us make every day – as individuals and as businesses – that we can adopt a responsible, aware position that helps us preserve both our own health and the environment.
And awareness means knowledge.
This is why Mirage has decided to adopt the Declare label, which tells design engineers, companies and end consumers where products come from, what they are composed of and how they should be disposed of at the end of their life cycle.
Declare is managed by the International Living Future Institute, ILFI, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting an eco-friendly mentality also in the building sector, aimed at the construction of buildings that generate more energy than they consume and are built with “healthy” materials able to guarantee a healthy everyday living environment for their occupants.


The Declare label is therefore a further tool to guarantee transparency, because it indicates the chemical compounds present in a product, and highlights the presence of any substances on the Red List.

This list, drawn up directly by the ILFI, indicates the most damaging environmental pollutants, in most cases chemical compounds that pollute the environment and are dangerous to the health of those who produce them and of end users after prolonged exposure. This makes the Declare label an invaluable working resource that offers the necessary knowledge to make each one of us aware of the value of sustainability.
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