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Tunring waste in to value | 60% pre-consumer recycled

For the environment, waste can be a resource

ReSource is the Mirage brand name that identifies the collections created with a specific commitment to sustainability, produced with a close eye on the environment. The dynamic ecodesign process behind ReSource regenerates materials by recovering and using what was once considered waste, turning it into a vital resource for a production model inspired by the balance of nature, where nothing is wasted.

Reuse for renewal
Our technology turns waste materials into new tiles, demonstrating that value can be rediscovered and reused, reducing environmental impact and promoting a culture of reuse.
Reduction for reinvention
Through on-going innovation, we undertake to reduce the ecological footprint of our production process and our products, making an active contribution to reducing pollution and preserving natural resources.
Respect for eco-designing
Every aspect of what we do is guided by respect for the environment, for the people who work with us and the communities around us. we respect the planet by designing products that are eco-friendly as well as beautiful.

60.2% recycled material

Our regeneration process combines 39.8% natural raw materials with 48.6% processing waste and 11.6% materials that have completed the firing cycle, adding up to a total of 60.2% pre-consumer recycled content. This allows us to create porcelain stoneware surfaces with a lower environmental impact without compromising on the excellent standards of quality and function the Mirage brand has always been renowned for.

With Resource, we're pleased to present a new, even more sustainable 8mm thickness

The introduction of this new 8mm thickness uses fewer resources and thus consumes less energy during the production cycle. This also allows for a reduction in transport impact by optimising space, boosting the efficiency of logistics and reducing CO2 emissions per square metre.
ReSource is an ethical choice that reduces waste and uses resources more responsibly.
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Each ReSource collection helps create a virtuous system that promotes the reuse of materials, reduces consumption and respects the environment.
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ReStone is our porcelain interpretation of a limestone extracted from the Vienne region,
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