The charm of stone for exclusive settings

Friday 10 November 2017
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

Na.Me is a Mirage collection that reinterprets the natural elements of stone on porcelain stoneware. Tactile feel, imperfections, rough textures: these are the fascinating characteristics of natural stone just extracted from the quarry, which guide the project.


An archetype with a strong emotional value, stone has always been a symbol capable of transmitting purity, solidity and beauty. An authentic choice for those who love an unpretentious and discreet design that becomes more characteristic and unique with the passing of time.

The Na.Me collection is rich of imperfections and thematic variations: incredible streaks and unique colors represent the beauty of this line that remains as faithful as possible to the natural element.



An innovative and extremely versatile collection designed to meet the aesthetic and concrete needs of contemporary design, giving designers and architectures ample freedom in the design, thanks to the wealth of sizes, colors and application possibilities.



The slabs have been designed according to the different lifestyles, which allow creating textural and chromatic continuity between the inside and outside environments for a design in complete harmony with nature.



Each slab tells a story filled with complex textures, chromatic harmonies and minute details that blend with the comfort of porcelain stoneware, a material that can withstand everything: acids, stains, fashions and everyday life.