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Wednesday 22 June 2016
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BIG SIZES: 120x240, 120x120 & 30x240

An invaluable new resource for designers and design engineers.

These large slabs extend the Mirage range even further, opening the door to new project and design solutions.

The slabs can be laid on both floors and walls, and can also be used with a thickness of 20 mm.

The pinpoint precision in the sizing and squaring of the slabs, guaranteed by Mirage’s innovative production technology, makes it possible to leave a gap between tiles of just 1 mm. The effect obtained is almost continuous, with a considerable reduction of the typical grid effect due to the lower number of grouted joints.


"Available in sizes 120x240, 120x120 and 30x240, they are the product of advanced research in the field of ceramics, and are able to combine style with the impressive technical performance of Mirage® porcelain stoneware."



The range of large slabs by Mirage is available in two different thicknesses: 9 and 20 mm.

The thickness of 9 mm is suitable for medium and heavy duty flooring. Thanks to its technical and mechanical characteristics, it guarantees a greater load resistance and can be handled and moved around on the building site without the need for particular equipment.

The 20 mm-slabs on the other hand, are designed for specific applications on ventilated facades, for surfaces that require high resistance against shocks from moving objects (such as the internal walls of underground stations and railways, shopping centres…) and for buildings that require greater resistance to atmospheric agents (wind, waves…).



Mirage large-size slabs combine superb style and a smooth, continuous finish with considerable energy savings and a healthy environment. A truly eco-friendly covering for the outdoor walls of residential and commercial buildings, offering highperformance surfaces with a smooth appearance and requiring a minimum of ordinary maintenance.



Perfect for adding style and character to interior design, Mirage® large slabs bring a creative approach to contemporary settings, and are suitable for both traditional uses and for new ideas and approaches as part of furnishing elements.

And with the Privilege collection, the 120x240 size becomes an even more extraordinary, exclusive option for walls, combining the large size with the possibility to choose from a rich variety of textures such as onyx, gems and crystals, as well as customised solutions.



"In addition to the traditional applications, the large slabs with a 20 mm thickness are also suited for use in the home for creating tops in bathrooms and kitchens, shower trays and sliding doors."


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The slabs measuring 120x240 with a 20 mm thickness are currently available in the Rêve,, Nau 2.0, and Jewels collections. The slipperiness factor of these slabs makes them unsuitable for outdoor use: in this case we recommend using products from the Mirage range Evo 2/E™.