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CLAY CL01 120x120 Living
Ideal for creating grand, striking effects; they’re equally suitable for smaller spaces, offering versatility in terms of composition and material. Clay features the coated effect typical of resin, with a slightly shiny effect on a matt surface, in a palette of dense colours, both warm and cool, ranging from white through three different shades of grey, from greige to taupe, and three colours with a contemporary soul: cotto, mustard and petrol blue, suitable for bringing a touch of character to any setting.
COSMOPOLITAN CP02 120x120 Living
Seeking out the finest marbles and faithfully reproducing them in porcelain stoneware to mimic the depth and the wealth of detail and the random veining patterns


Dijon Cover
Dijon is our tribute to the extraordinary beauty of the Pierre de Bourgogne, created with the aim of capturing the essence of a historical material and expanding its expressive and applicative possibilities, thanks to the reassuring strength of porcelain stoneware. Beauty and functionality are indeed the foundations of this new Mirage project.


EASYWAY EW03 30x30 Outdoor P01
Easy Way
A flooring concept able to guarantee accessibility and safety, developed with a view to paying greater attention to the real, practical needs of the visually impaired, as well as taking care of the various different needs at the planning and design stage.
Elysian EY02 60x120 Bathroom
A minimal look but rich in surface and material details: balanced colours, delicate nuances, and reflections and mineral effects characterise every single reference, for a perfect combination of harmonious graphics and complex colours.
Elysian Travertini Cover
Elysian Travertini
A collection that enhances many architectural and design styles in a natural, versatile manner, adding appealing beauty and a wealth of charm to any space.
SEPARE GC01 80x160 Bathroom
Emporio 225
Emporio 225 is a series of a mix of decorations from a number of Mirage collections, offering numerous decorative solutions for environments, creating a personalized style for an even more complete, sophisticated series of covering options.


Glocal Cover
By striking a balance between universal and unique, as indicated by the name that blends “global” with “local”, GLOCAL has risen above the crowd for its versatility, making it perfect for both residential settings and large public spaces. Top Italian designer Giulio Cappellini has guided a subtle restyling of GLOCAL, enriching and updating the collection while maintaining its original identity unchanged and revealing an even more contemporary version that fully reflects the excellence of Italian design.
Gyliane GY01 20x120 Living
It’s a collection that challenges the conventional aesthetic patterns of wooden floors with its nonconformist and bold character. This essence is reflected in the distinctive nature of the collection, which uses porcelain stoneware to recreate the appearance of ancient wood with a strong personality. This gives upon spaces an atmosphere reminiscent of distant lands and adventures, with floors that express a strong aesthetic character and lively originality.


JEWELS JW16 120x278 Restaurant
The charm of natural stone, the precision of fine veining effects, the realistic nuances of colour, the intense harmony of the shades, all expressed in an exclusive collection of fine-quality marbles.
Jolie Cover
Rare and pure references, where every vein and every single slab are carefully selected to create a precious and timeless style.
JURUPA JP05 30x240 Living
Jurupa: a perfectly smooth blend of warmth and elegance, in which surfaces are enhanced by grouted details and smooth, planed sections, in 5 sophisticated neutral shades.


Kao KA03 Charamel KA13 Charamel Raw 20x120 Studio
This collection offers a fresh perspective on the beauty and versatility of traditional wooden floors. From the texture to the selection of knots and grains, down to the delicately waxed surface, each element has been faithfully reproduced with meticulous attention to preserving its deep connection to its source of inspiration. Every detail of this project has been carefully crafted to capture the authenticity of the natural reference.
KORU KO04 20x120 KO03 Bedroom
Koru is the collection of porcelain stoneware strips by Mirage, a project that seeks to offer a reinterpretation of the types of wood of fruit trees, characterised by light veining effects, distinctive gnarls and compact fibres, the use of which, in the natural version, has nonetheless been traditionally limited to furniture-making and the decoration of objects and constructions.


LEMMY LY02 80x80 Restaurant
Lemmy captures the most intimate emotion of metal at its most natural and authentic: neutral shades ranging from white through to grey and beige team beautifully with coral, petrol blue and green to bring an elegant, unconventional touch.


MAND MD03 30x45 Living
A project of structures for wall tiles in porcelain stoneware, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer great freedom of installation: staggered or straight, horizontal or vertical, mixed with other materials, enhanced and aided by the 450x300 size. The different structures characterise and cover the environments according to the refractions of light and in relation to the installation, conferring a multitude of expressions and a strong sense of textural depth.
MOTLEY MT02 120x120 Studio
The collection derives from a mix of classic split slates, with their distinctive pale veining and soft tones, and sedimentary stones with a fine-grain background and more distinct shifts of colour. The blend of these two natures gives rise to a new style that does not exist in nature.


NAME NE31 60x120 Living
The privilege of an innovative collection able to tackle the imperfections and excesses of natural materials; each slab has a story to tell, part designer, part practical. The pursuit of technical perfection, smooth colours, authentic, profound nuances, veining details and inclusions: each slab is unique, perfectly in tune with the most innovative trends in urban and residential furnishings.
Nagomi x Hasi Teherani
Nagomi, which symbolizes balance and serenity in Japanese, celebrates a reflective design, oriented towards the creation of spaces that harmoniously coexist with their environmental context. It reflects our belief that sustainable innovation can enrich our spaces while preserving the purity and harmony of shapes. By incorporating a significant percentage of glass derived from the recycling of cathode ray tubes from monitors and television screens into our Nagomi collection, we pay homage to a narrative of sustainability that intertwines past, present, and future.
NAU NA02 300x1200 Outdoor
A collection in which every detail – scratches, planing marks, signs of wear and tear and traces of the craftsman’s hand – has been carefully studied in order to create unique strips able to bring a genuine touch to any setting, steeped in history and bursting with new emotions. Surfaces marked by the passage of time, yet destined to last forever thanks to the inalterable nature of Mirage porcelain stoneware.
NOON NN01 20x120 Bedroom
The natural warmth of wood restores the lively pace of a thrilling life to urban spaces, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. NooN interprets the essence of aged, material wood in 5 colours, 2 surfaces and 3 sizes. The collection combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of Mirage porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless.
NORR RR05 120x120 Shop
The tone-on-tone range is enriched with a new proposal featuring brighter shades ranging from brown to blue and dark grey. A special project where the natural elements are creatively interpreted according to contemporary design trends
NOVEMBER NM02 60x60 Shop
Novemb3r is a universal project with natural inspiration, where the minimalism of the material and of colours becomes an indisputably expressive voice.
NYUMA NY01 120x120 Bedroom
Concrete is a simple material, yet it has a vast array of style and pattern features that shift and evolve depending on how it is cast and placed. Nyuma reinterprets the composition of the classic concrete casting, inspired by the aesthetics of the formwork, with contrasts without exceeding in its defects.


OFFICINE OF02 60x60 NA02 Outdoor
Based on the studies and projects of workshops and ateliers, Mirage has brought a fresh slant to these mixes of natural materials, combining their live, shifting soul with the most modern of technologies.
OUDH OU04 20x120 Living
Oudh comes in 7 natural colours, running from cream to olive passing through the more classic shades of wood. A wide range of sizes completes the collection: in addition to the classic 200x1200 size, Oudh is also available in 250x1500 and 200x2780 and 1200x2780 in 6 mm thickness


Papier Cover
Papier is a project that creates almost pictorial scenes and nurtures creativity towards new inspirations. Mirage’s Papier collection combines a succession of floral and plant-themed subjects with a contemporary allure, a real Botanic Style. Available in sizes of 1200x2780 mm and 600x1200mm, Papier is the result of extensive stylistic research, also in terms of combinability. In fact, the possibilities to combine them with other collections in the Mirage range are endless, allowing them to harmonise with the space and offer solutions that enhance the mood of each project.


QUARZITI QR03 30x60 Spa - Wellness
Quarziti 2.0
A variety of modular, single-sized shapes gives you absolute freedom to install the material in the composition of your choice. The two natural surfaces used - R10 and R12 - also allow you to perfectly coordinate indoor and outdoor areas.


RAIL RL01 30x120 Outdoor
Easy maintenance, resistant to wear and weathering. Rail is the perfect collection for public and private outdoor living.
Restone hero image
a blending Limestone and Chauvigny Stone. Its aesthetic evokes the sands of time, featuring a granular finish for uniformity and a delicate, marbled texture enriched by subtle, non-intrusive veins. This aesthetic recalls sandy expanses, dotted with microfossils that add points of interest and chromatic depth to the collection.
REFLET RF03 20x60 NY02 Hall
Reflet is Mirage’s new collection for architecture. It is the result of more than two years of research that the company conducted together with Andrea Boschetti to introduce an absolutely innovative technical product to the ceramic market. Of course, we are talking about an opportunity, an architectural tool whose depth of meaning, beauty and other qualities depend exclusively on those who decide how to stage this relationship.


SIGNATURE SI04 20x120 Bedroom
Nuances, knots and tactile feel of natural wood floors are faithfully reproduced in porcelain stoneware with excellent technical features. Non-deformable, inert to heat and moisture, Signature is extremely scratchresistant and impervious to common household chemicals. Moreover, it does not need any specific treatment either during or after installation: functionality and reliability.
SILVERLAKE SK06 30x60 Living
Elegant nuances, painstaking details and soft veining effects, obtained thanks to the most modern production technologies, able to faithfully reproduce the variable colours of the natural material. A range of balanced, neutral colours composed of one white, four shades of grey and a m ulticolour touch, for maximum versatility.


TWENTY TW02 60x60 Outdoor
Twenty by Mirage Contract: 60×60 in a 20mm thickness, ideal for any application outdoors, available in three colours that draw their inspiration from natural stone.


VICEVERSA VV05 120x120 OU03 Restaurant
enhanced with a pattern that is a faithful reproduction of the chips and clasts characteristic of the grain of the classic mix of sand and limestone, spread by hand by expert craftsmen.The neutral appearance makes this collection a creative, versatile, eclectic resource for both architecture and interior design projects. VICEVERSA features a light, subtle pattern in 8 delicate, pale colours and a wide range of sizes, from 300x600 up to large slabs 1200x12780, with a thickness of 6 mm.


WANDERLUST WA08 120x278 CP05 Living
Created using the most innovative technologies available in the ceramic sector, Wanderlust is a collection in which aesthetic and material research reaches new heights. Outstanding pigments and natural materials are the hallmark features of products in which the complexity of the colour and the depth of the decorative patterns have been developed and taken care of in every detail. This painstaking effort has resulted in a reinterpretation in porcelain stoneware of 10 prestigious natural marbles and 3 elegant Agate agglomerates that bring the value of an authentic jewel into the world of design.